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Hear what satisfied SolarFlex® customers have to say!

Mellisa Korte Saunders - SolarFlex® Helps Me to RELAX
I USE THE SOLARFLEX® heated mat for relaxation. I lie down flat on my back, and I begin to concentrate on my breathing. It gets hectic having a job and a family and balancing all the things you need to do.If I can take 15 minutes to have me time, with my eyes closed and my breath steady it puts a bigger smile on my face at the end of the day.

Dawn MacLaurin - I Use SolarFlex® Daily for Pain Relief and Flexibility
When I lay on the mat the heat goes right through my body as compared to a hot yoga class where the heat is on the outside of the body. The far infrared heat penetrates and you feel the relaxation of your spine, your neck, and your hips. Actually your hips very much so! Once you start to heat up, it enables you to move much more free. When I lay flat the far infrared heat goes deep into my spine and throughout my neck. It’s an amazing sensation.

Mia hutchins-Cabibi - SolarFlex® Helps Me Warm Up – Helping To Alleviate Pain
As a health professional, one thing most people don’t realize is that far infrared heat will alleviate most pains - Because so much pain is caused by tight muscles. So by stretching out the muscles and lengthening them, especially with the addition of the SolarFlex®® far infrared heat, we really release the tension that we are holding. Which is causing the pain in the first place.

Cindi Lyle – I Lost 20 Pounds Using the SolarFlex®
What I do with the SolarFlex® every day is I warm up before my exercise. That gives me a chance to loosen up. Warms up my back, my leg muscles, allowing me to do a much better and efficient workout. So, basically, the long and the short of it is I’ve lost 20 pounds in the last two months.

Allison Westfahl - SolarFlex® Allows me to Work Out at Home – I Have No Excuses
Having something like the SolarFlex® mat in my living room is really a kind of great way for me to not have an excuse to not work out. So the mat is right there in front of me. Maybe I’m watching TV, but there’s no reason why I can’t lay down on it and bang out a few crunches, do a couple of pushups and stretch out a little bit. And that way I don’t actually have to go to the gym to get a good work out, I can just get these little snippets in right there, right in my living room.

Kent Story - I Need This SolarFlex® Mat To Help Enhance And To Help Loosen Up My Muscles
Were a little more tired than we used to be. And so as a result, it takes me a little bit longer to get the muscles loser and more flexible and a little bit more lose in general. The heating element in the SolarFlex® helps promote it and makes it easier. After my normal running exercises I’m a little stiff. So I need this SolarFlex® mat to help enhance and to help loosen up my muscles.

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